What Are Vanity Metrics Impact And What Can I Do About Them?

vanity metrics impact

Every Marketer Should Know About Vanity Metrics Impact On Your Bottom Line

Every marketer should know that testing through metrics is absolutely crucial to the business success! With this said the next challenge becomes what to test and how it will impact the bottom line of a business and what to look for to improve. There is lots of talk about these “vanity metrics impact” and how affect your bottom line.

In this post we are going to look at what vanity metrics are and how we are able to test and measure success based on them.

So What Are Vanity Metrics Impact?

Vanity metrics are things that do not necessarily correlate with business growth and success. These metrics are very easy to alter and manipulate to suit the person who is responsible for delivering it. Things like pageviews, registered users, downloads are all things that are considered vanity metrics.

What is the point of them if they can be manipulated easily? Great question, when measuring vanity metrics it is important to know that there is lots of value that can be obtained through vanity metrics but you must take into account the value that they are develop.

So What Metrics Should We Use To Measure Success?

Email Metrics

Vanity Metrics

Bounce Rate, Sharing Stats, Open Rate, List Size

Actionable Metrics

Deliverability Rate, Click Through Rate, Read Rate, Form Conversion

Social Metrics

Vanity Metrics

Number of Re-Tweets and Shares, Number of Likes, Fans, Favourites and Followers, Number of Posts

Actionable Metrics

Number of Leads, Growth Rate of Followers, Engagement Rate, Referrals

Paid Search Metrics

Vanity Metrics

Impressions, Ad Position, Cost Per Impressions, Number of Clicks

Actionable Metrics

Quality Score, Number of Leads, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Click, Number of Deals Closed

Website and Content Metrics

Vanity Metrics

Number of Page Views, Form Submission, Content Shares, Content Downloads

Actionable Metrics

Conversion Rates, Leads Generated, Content Influence, Contract Value

If you are looking to find out more about vanity metrics impact you can always refer to this post from TechCrunch who have dived into it in depth.

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