The Difference Between Visual Design & Graphics Design (and what makes a designer good)!

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So You Might Be Thinking What Is The Difference Between Visual Design and Graphics Design

Almost all graphics and visual designers have added web design as a service, which has expanded the expertise of designers who now work on both print and digital mediums. Most designers now create digital products at least as often as they create print designs. With all the changes in the space you are probably thinking, “but what is the difference between a visual designer and a graphic designer?”

The difference between visual designers and graphic designers

Well here it is, whilst both visual designers and graphic designer focus on aesthetics, generally visual designers complete the majority of their work within the digital space. Graphics designers whilst being able to work in the digital space, generally are just as capable of working with traditional media, such as print media, out-of-home media, etc.

There is a general perception that visual designer are more capable when considering the newer age formats and specialize with using modern technology and design principles. Visual designers have been know for their ability to work on these projects which weren’t around 20 years ago.

Things that visual designers are often found working on:

  • Websites
  • App Design
  • UX Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization projects (assisted with other marketers)
  • Online Visual Advertising
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display Network Ads

Things that graphics designers are often found working on:

  • Traditional Media Designs
  • Print Media Designs
  • Out-of-home Designs
  • Branding Packages
  • Logo Packages
  • Informational Pieces
  • Websites (not as frequently as visual designers)
  • Landing Page Design
  • UX Design

Now that we all understand the difference between the two different types of designers how do we determine a good one for your business?

  1. The first and arguably most important thing to consider when choosing a designer for your business is determining if they have core understanding of the design and psychological principles. This may seem very simple but there are core things that your designer needs to know and understand about your target market and how they like to absorb information. Knowing and understanding what sort of information that they consumer and how they will interact with it is crucial. A great example of where you would see this is if you were to compare a health advertisement with a real estate advertisement.
  2. Another core skill that you should look for in your designer is the ability for your designer to see things from different perspectives. This ensures that they are not going to take the traditional approach to making your business the first and only choice for the end consumer. You want someone who can see the picture and gives your brand the cut-through it needs to drive more customers into your patiently waiting arms.
  3. If you are looking for a designer then you are looking for a problem solver. How will your designer solve the problem of making your business be remembered for weeks and months to come. How will your designer create an image that will be remembered for time to come. How will they ensure that you see the return on investment from your expensive website or print media project?
  4. Experience might seem like a simple thing but it is and continues to be crucial for the success of campaigns. Something that we are seeing more and more in recent times is the industry and niche specific experience. Designers that have experience working within particular verticals and niches are becoming more and more valuable as their expertise means they know the audience better and can deliver higher performing results.
  5. A willingness to work with other marketers and copywriters has become more and more important in the recent years. Designers are needing to working with analytic teams, copywriters, and other marketing experts to ensure that they are delivering high performance projects on a regular basis. There is more science in marketing now than ever before and a designer that can and does work with the team guarantees that the campaigns will perform as expected.
  6. Curiosity and a desire to learn about the world around them from a cultural, language and technology perspective. This is something that we see all the time and something that is very important when considering which designer that you will use. Understanding things from more perspectives will only help when considering how to design for your specific audience. One great example is when considering the Chinese market, knowing unlucky number is 4 or knowing that red, gold and green are linked with good luck.
  7. Likes to try new things experiment with different designs and techniques. This is essential and with technology constantly improving, designers have the increasing ability to test and determine what is and isn’t working and continually improve on their designs. Using things like testing to find out which designs are more effective is becoming increasingly important for both small and large businesses.
  8. The final thing that you should look for in your next designer is that they are always learning. We have already stressed the importance of testing and experimenting with different techniques and strategies and your designer should be looking for feedback both qualitative and quantitative to continue to learn what is and isn’t working with the market. You are also going to want to look for a designer that goes and gets additional external training from the leading people within the industries. This is the best and only way that you can ensure that your designs are going to perform and that you will see the returns your business needs to grow.

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