How To Write Using Long Tail Keywords

How To Write Using Long Tail Keywords Everyone keeps talking about these long tail keywords and how great they are for SEO, PPC and conversions but what does it all mean and how to I take advantage of this? Long tail keywords are keywords that are longer than one or two words. As you can...
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how to write using long tail keywords

Do you find that you have a diminishing rate of return with PPC?

We have all used PPC advertising methods to get our product/service in front of the customers who are looking for it. This was an expensive but great way as it means that only qualified customers who are looking for our offerings were seeing our products and ads. If you find that diminishing rate of return...
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diminishing rate of return

What Are Search Engines And How To Use Them To Your Advantage

Search engines are the most important aspect of inbound marketing as they enable potential customers to search for and find what you are looking for. This opt in marketing enables only high quality leads to find your business which is more effective than traditional methods such as cold calling.
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what are search engines
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