Wish You Knew The Software We Use To Automate Our Marketing & Lead Qualification Process

How We Are Able To Automate The Lead Qualification Process

Do you ever think to yourself what tools are all the other companies out there using to automate their sales and marketing funnels?

Marketing Automation is something that we hold very dear to our hearts, and here is exactly why! Not only does it make our lives easier, but it enables us to automate the lead qualification process! This allows us to focus our time on the customers who are interested in our products and who want our services! This enables our team to deliver the best results to the businesses that matter!

Why Software Is Important For Marketing Automation!

What software should I be using to automate my marketing and sales processes?

Everyone is different and it really depends on exactly what you want to achieve but here is one thing that I can tell you… no matter how much software you have it always comes down to your core offering and understanding of what makes marketing effective through your messaging!

Regardless we are still going to go through our lead qualification process in great detail (including all the software we use) and breakdown one of our more effective funnels (without the copy, sorry guys!)

Funnel Entry – We use a number of different media sources to generate traffic to our landing pages.

  • We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. ads for lead generation using things like content marketing, free initial consultations, lead magnets, webinars, etc. really anything that provides real and genuine value to potential customers! The strategy here is to really help businesses grow without us! We are not trying to go and complete basic tasks and we enjoy the complex projects where we need to do what we do best, act like experts in marketing!
  • We use paid forms of search advertising such as Google AdWords, Bing, etc. to drive highly qualified traffic to a source that doesn’t look to make a cold sale. We are always looking for new ways to stack on additional value.
  • We use our affiliate network to drive traffic to our website.

Dedicated Landing Page Software – Unbounce

So I guess you’re wondering exactly what Unbounce is and why we use it. Unbounce is a tool that we use to ensure that we are able to get the highest possible conversion rates on our ad copy. I’m sure that you’ve wondered whether or not a colour on your website was right or if you are using the right language. Unbounce allows us to test a number of different creatives and really streamline how many people we have signing up to get the content that we are providing.

Once we have captured their attention we know that they are a customer who is interested in a particular topic. From there we are able to enter them into a sales process to continue to provide value and deliver premium content.
You can find out more about Unbounce here.

API & Integration Software – Zapier

We use Zapier to bridge the gap where integration is not yet native to applications. Zapier allows for us to pass information from one application to another. In this part of our software what we are doing is transfering information about a prospect from the landing page to Active Campaign. This is essential as it ensures that the information is actioned quickly and promptly and means that the prospect is able to access the content they signed up for quickly.
You can find out more about Zapier here.

Marketing Automation Software – Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the secret weapon when it comes to managing communication between us and prospects. We use Active Campaign to tag, score, communicate with, and as a general prospect CRM. We have set this up to follow a series of actions that will score a prospect. Once the prospect fulfills the criteria to become what we consider a marketing qualified lead (MQL)
You can find out more about Active Campaign here.

API & Integration Software – Zapier

We use Zapier again here to pass through information for the prospect who has met the requirements to become a MQL. Now that we know they are either a warm or hot lead we can pass them through to a more comprehensive CRM and our sales team which will follow up and try to secure the sales.
You can find out more about Zapier here.

CRM – Zoho (Lead Module)

The leads module is the first stage in the sales cycle. Once new leads are created the sales team get to work reaching out and providing value to potential customers. Our team has a process and they follow it to ensure that not only the customer is a good fit for us but that we are a good fit for the customer. Our marketing consultants will do preliminary research to ensure that
You can find out more about Zoho CRM here.

CRM – Zoho (Deal Module)

The deal module is the second stage of the sales cycle for Quinn Marketing. Here we have had our sales team qualify the lead as a sales qualified lead and we are working to turn them into a customer. In this stage the assigned solutions expert is working on providing them with exceptional value. They are working to ensure that we are delivering exceptional value to the customer and that we can provide a catered solution to their problem.
You can find out more about Zoho CRM here.

Invoicing & Payments – Zoho Invoice

Once we have had a solution accepted by a customer we then send through an invoice with our integrated Invoice solution. This means that anyone who gets the chance to see this client in the CRM can see where the accounts team is at in terms of working with the client. Our teams are always looking to be completely transparent and work together to ensure we achieve the best result. Payments are an essential part of business and choosing a provider that can integrate with our accounting packages means that we are able to have complete transparency over exactly how cash is flowing through the business and how profitable any given client, solution, product, or account is.
You can find out more about Zoho Invoice here.

Expense Management – Zoho Expense

We use Zoho Expense in conjunction with the Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice to ensure that we are attributing the correct expenses to the correct solution, or account. We love the way that it integrates so well and how we are able to maximise and reduce processing time with automated consolidation for a number of feeds.
You can find out more about Zoho Expense here.

Do you want marketing automation in your business?

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