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Pearson Industries - Trade Business

Pearson Industries


  • Pearson Industries approached Quinn Marketing having a matured trade business and wanted to know how they could generate more work and improve their revenue and profit models. The overhaul consisted of several components for both the parent and child company.
  • Quinn Marketing was able to complete a full rework of their marketing plan which consisted of new strategies that has improved their booking capacity, revenue and profitability significantly. This move was a large project which involved a rebrand and has lead to a shorter sales cycle.
  • Since Quinn Marketing took on this client they have been able to expand by more than 123% over 6 months. Due to the service nature of this trade business there are a number of factors that influence the profitability and growth which involve more than your traditional B2B and B2C businesses. Pearson Industries has been able to expand through effective management and generation of high quality leads.


  • Complete Rebranding - Pearson Industries wanted to change the look and feel of the brand to improve their brand awareness and increase the long term ROI of the business.
  • New Website - In order to improve the authority and trust that is associated with Pearson Industries they needed to have a new website built. This website has made it possible to increase the number of leads they generate and increase the trust, repeat business, and loyalty of existing B2B and B2C clients.
  • Increase Advertising Avenues - The new advertising avenues has resulted in more than a 123% increase in the number of leads that the business is generating. The quality of leads has also increased with a lead to close ratio of over 90% (4 week average).
  • Better Business Performance Tracking - Pearson Industries now has much more visibility of their ROI and performance of the team through the implementation of new systems such as a better CRM and better marketing tracking. This has resulted in the ability to better optimise their marketing for a more efficient spend.
  • New System & Procedure Implementation - This has resulted in an increase in both customer satisfaction and performance of the business. The systems have not only increased customer satisfaction but have also decreased the expenses associated with the business through teams performing more efficiently.
  • Sales Strategy Overhaul - Pearson Industries is has improve the conversion rate through better sales process which has been rolled out across the business and is ensuring that they are generating as much revenue as possible.
  • Training Modules - New training modules have increased the customer satisfaction with the team empowered to manage the customer experience end to end.
  • Business Reputation Management - Pearson Industries is now taking an active approach to managing the businesses reputation through implementing new practises for managing customer experience such as data collection after every job.


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