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Unique Bathrooms are positioned as Sydney’s number #1 premium bathroom renovation company. They specialise in completed unique bathrooms that not only increase the value of your home but give your home the look and feel that you are after.

Project Detail

We needed to find a way to generate cost effective leads for the business. We were able to do that by using a combination of traditional and digital strategies to generate high quality leads looking for premium service. Unique Bathrooms is now considered one of the leading bathroom renovation companies and is producing sustainable and scaleable numbers of quality and pre-qualified leads.

Sustainable and scaleable lead generation through both traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies.

ClientUnique Bathrooms
Project Date2015

Unified Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies

We created a sustainable brand for Unique Bathrooms to thrive with using a combination of unified traditional and digital marketing strategies. Our team worked to build a website that would provide a sustainable base for the brand to grow with. Once this was completed we were able to go forward and create some digital content to draw in people who were looking for premium bathroom renovators.

We were able to pre-qualify and sustainably increase lead volume using strategies designed to ensure that all marketing avenues and channels were projected the same communication with prospects, leads, and clients.

The team went to work creating a combination of traditional and digital campaigns that were designed to work together using a multi-touch attribution model. This meant that we were able to reduce the lead cost to significantly lower than that of the industry standard on a high ticket premium product.

Scaleable Results

See what we can do to help your business grow with sustainable growth strategies.

12.49% CTR

$42 CPA

1872% ROI

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