Odd Jobs and Favours

Odd Jobs and Favours

The Only Handyman You Will Ever Need

Odd Jobs and Favours launched this year as a small handyman business. They have consistently grow due to the high level of service that they have provided. We helped them with their branding package, website design and development and marketing strategies.

Project Detail

Odd Jobs and Favours is a business that started as nothing more than a concept. They have expanded continually since their initial launch and have grown to become an established lifestyle brand. They doing work they love in areas they want!

Being a handyman isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle!

ClientOdd Jobs and Favours
Project Date2018

Growth Targets

Odd Jobs and Favours has continually expanded their operation which has been reflected in their search traffic. With increasing search traffic it is easy to see how they are able to continue growing the business and their rankings.

SEO & Social

Their search traffic and goal attribution has been achieved through a combination of organic growth through both on page and off page SEO coupled with a sound social strategy.

Odd Jobs and Favours have taken an active approach to ensure that they are able to stay relevant and continue to produce quality content.

12.45% CTR

$2.20 CPA

2,133% ROI

Impressive Results

Even though they have a relatively new business it is clear that they are able to produce quality results. Odd Jobs and Favours have been increasing their workload consistently through their quality service and the influx of search traffic through organic SEO and social media.

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