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Project Detail

Mr Solar Hero approached us looking for a way to generate solar leads for a lower cost than that of their competitors so that they could offer lower prices and provide better value on solar for the Australian market. We jumped at the opportunity as a sustainable way to move forward.

Solar is meant to save money for consumers so why can’t we save money for businesses?

ClientMr Solar Hero
Project Date2018

Conversion Rate Opimisation (CRO)

We knew that in order to be as competitive as possible we would need to really understand how people research and purchase solar. We tested hundreds of landing pages in order to find the most effective way to create Mr Solar Hero as many cold, warm, and hot leads as possible.

We used some serious spent some serious time on the UX development and website design and development to ensure that when they did get to us they were ready to make the first move.

Our strategy involved almost ever facet of both digital marketing and traditional marketing. Our team worked tirelessly to target thousands of consumers and quickly grew the business significantly.

Compartmentalised Success

Tapping into the skills of the whole team was essential to ensure that we could generate the volume and revenue that this business demanded. We needed to use every single department to ensure that Mr Solar Hero could grow at the rate they were able to.

We used our web design and development team in conjunction with our copywriters. Our designers worked to create something that we could hit thousands of homes with. Our paid media experts worked to ensure that we were optimised for search and our content team worked to fill the long term sales pipeline.

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