How To Optimise Your Website For Conversions So You Stop Pouring Money Down The Drain

Conversion Rate Optimisation Blog Post

What is this stuff that people keep telling me? How to optimise your website so that it is geared for conversions.

So I have been talking to people about the concept of conversion optimisation and everyone seems to struggle with the understanding of it.

… but

Everyone is always saying “I want more leads”, “I need more leads”, “give me more leads”, “leads, leads, leads!”

I have always struggled to understand this because the simple fact is that no matter how much money you spend on advertising if you do not have a business and website geared for conversions then you will always struggle with generating enough leads.

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“It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate and send to your website if it is too hard for people to purchase your products or services.”

Okay, okay, I think I get it now… I need a website that is good so that people can come on here and easily make the purchase that way I’m not throwing money down the drain.

… but

How do I do that?

Well lucky for you this is the right place and we are going to give you some really key things that can boost your conversion rates. Not only that but… we are going to give you actionable information that you can implement RIGHT NOW and see results!

Sound good? Let’s get started then!

Conversion Rate Best Practice (Simplified)

1. Remove any unnecessary fields on your contract forms

(there are some exceptions that we will also talk about at the end of this point).

Anything that doesn’t need to be on a contact form is not only making it harder for the reader or viewer of your website but it is also invading their privacy. Generally people only want to give a the LEAST amount of information to anyone and a website is even less appealing.

The only time where this is an exception is if you have nurtured a prospect or lead and they are comfortable with your brand. In this scenario you can make the case that having a pre-qualified lead would offset the conversion loss (which more often than not is simply filtering unqualified leads).

2. Focus on your website speed

Did you know that small decreases in speed can have a massive impact on your conversion rates. With the attention span decreasing every single day it’s no surprise! Focusing on speeding up that website can yield not only great results for your conversion rate but it can also improve your SEO.

If you’re worried about your website speed there are some great tools out there like or

3. Stock photo’s are not good for anyone

I know that you are probably thinking that the models and images you can find on stock photo websites are great.

… but

Everyone is so used to them these days and they are sick of seeing them. Your customers want to see your business at work, so stop using stock photos and start using images of REAL things that will let them know what your all about.

4. Test your call to action (CTA) button colours, text and sizes

Imagine if I told you this could increase your conversion rate on a page but as much as 40%.

Well guess what… it can!

Using contrasting colours can have a massive impact on your ability to convert! You want something that will really stand out and encourages people to sign up for what your all about! Look at the top right of this page and at the bottom and you will see two different coloured and sized CTA’s. These both contrast with the website theme and this is done so that we are able to make them stand out and have a higher chance of conversion.

5. Above the fold is crucial

Thinking about launching a new landing page? Better thing about where you are going to place the CTA and it better be the FIRST thing that your users see when they hit that page!

This can and will increase your conversion rates by as much as 45%!

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