How To Better Understand Your Direct Mail Audience (And Resonate With Them)!

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

So you send direct mail to generate leads for your business?

Imagine if there was a way that you could send direct mail that worked more effectively because you had a better understanding of the person receiving it!

Here is the thing… you can make direct mail work harder for your business!

Let’s start by talking about why traditional marketing is still so important for your business! Why is it that banks, retail stores, restaurants, trades people, brokers, etc still use direct messaging to remain in contact with customers and potential customers!

Direct mail marketing is so important because it stands out from the crowd. It makes you stand out and gives you a way to be different especially when everyone is moving towards digital marketing.

The ability to couple direct response marketing with digital market is when you really start to see results… but how do you ensure that your direct response marketing using traditional channels is effective?

We are going to go through a secret that lots of businesses don’t know about! It allows you to really harness the data available and get better results!

Step 1 – As always work out your target audience

Knowing your target market is as always essential to creating an effective marketing campaign.

Step 2 – The secret lies within Facebooks Audience Insights

Using the Facebook Audience Insight On A Demographic Level

Here you can gain valuable information about the demographics of your audience. In my case I have chose to use a suburb called Castle Hill, Sydney, NSW, 2154. Using this information I can see that the majority of people within this suburb are women who are on Facebook. I can also see that they are mostly aged between 25 and 44.

This information is extremely valuable when considering how to best understand and market to these customers. I now know that I am going to have a higher chance of success if I target women aged 25-44. This slims down my targeting range significantly and allows me to craft language, images, and text that is designed to resonate with a female audience, assuming that I am looking to target everyone in the area.

Facebook Audience Insights - Demographics

This is where we start to get really smart with our targeting. Based on the information available we can see that there is a significant portion of customers in the area who are married. This again allows for you to craft a message that resonates with married prospects. Using this strategy we can use language and messaging that resonates with married people within the area.

Facebook Audience Insights - Top Categories

Once we discover the customers who are in the area we can get even more targeted and see what sort of content they are engaging with. Looking at this we can see that there are number of customer who engage with news content, fact or humorous news content, and see how they are interacting with different categories. This is very handy for understanding the language to use to really resonate and understand more about the potential customers in the area.

Facebook Audience Insights - Page Likes

In the next part we are able to see the exact pages that that people within the area are liking. This will not only give you an indication of what these people like but will also allow you to find inspiration from the ads that they are currently interacting with in both the online and offline environments.

If you are looking find out more about how you can integrate a digital and traditional strategy to generate affordable quality leads, click here and talk to an expert today about your direct mail strategy!