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Quinn Marketing develops talent from attitude, & we're looking for the right attitude.

Only the best will succeed and we are always apiring to redefine our success. We are not looking for yes men... we only want people who are looking to push the boundaries of what it means to market.


A new job is like a blank notepad and you are the author. If you are an innovative marketer with a track record of results then we are looking for you.


  • Working with Quinn Marketing has really had a significant impact on my personal and professional development. The way that they are able to strategise for both short and long-term success has shown me value in planning.

    – Adam Gools , Creative Specialist
  • Quinn Marketing really sets themselves apart by only using the latest in techniques in terms of white hat marketing strategy. They are able to deliver consistent progress for their clients through optimising their strategies as updates are released by the major search engines.

    – Amanda Adams , SEO Manager
  • I've worked with these guys to assist several clients and have noticed that they really take their clients success seriously. The amount of work that they put in to deliver quality really sets them apart from other companies out there. Their focus on testing is how their success is defined.

    – Brent Ikos , Consultant

Current openings

Social Media Manager

Job Description
  • Strategically drive engagement.
  • Understand what makes viral content and how to create it.
  • Know the market and how to reach the right audience.
  • Has extensive knowledge of social media advertising rules and requirements.
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  • Minimum undergraduate degree in marketing or advertising. Post-graduate will be highly considered.
  • Proven experience managing campaigns for various different social networks.
  • Strategic understanding of social networks and their impact on SEO.

Please, send your CV to contact@quinnmarketing.com.au

Senior SEO Analyst

Job Description
  • Manage organic development of brands and their websites.
  • Increase traffic through Google & other search engines.
  • Liaise with social media contacts regarding strategy.
  • Liaise with content writers with regards to strategy.
  • Proven track record in SEO development.
  • Experience working with algorithms.
  • Ability to build high quality links using new and older techniques for domain development.

Please, send your CV to contact@quinnmarketing.com.au

Business Development Executive

Job Description
  • Find and generate new business through strategic placement and networking.
  • Manage events on an adhoc basis.
  • Drive new business initiatives with a innovative approach.
  • Develop and improve the sales funnel model currently in place with new approaches.
  • Great attitude with a charismatic persona.
  • Proven track record in sales.
  • Ability to adapt on a needs basis.
  • Able to coach others to drive sales for their business.

Please, send your CV to contact@quinnmarketing.com.au

Senior Product Designer

Job Description
  • Understand, develop, and modify software to suit the needs of our clients.
  • Know and develop a clear profile and target market.
  • Innovate within the marketing sector and develop new initiatives.
  • Understand the buying mentality and how to stimulate interest in a particular area.
  • Extensive experience finding and developing products both internally and externally.
  • Experience working in the technological sector with an intricuit understanding of todays market place.
  • A drive for brand and product development.

Please, send your CV to contact@quinnmarketing.com.au

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