6 Steps To Improve Your Chiropractor Marketing Right Now

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We bet you’re here because you’re looking for a hack to improve your chiropractor marketing… unfortunately there isn’t one ­čÖü We do have some killer tips though!

Glad that we could get your attention! So you want to improve your chiropractor marketing do you? Well we’re going to get into the real stuff, the stuff that people don’t want to talk about! The hints and tricks to really make your marketing start working for you! P.S. there are many marketing agencies out there that hate us for giving away all this information. Luckily for you… we don’t care!

We aren’t going to be wasting time here giving you stuff that you already know (or should)… this is an advanced post with real stuff that we would normally charge for! Things like what to put into emails, or how your ads could or should look. Stuff that you really can’t afford not to know, read, and understand!

Keep reading for the information that we’ve learnt about chiropractor marketing in the last several years, and what does and doesn’t work today!

So as promise, the secrets await below!

1. Have you heard about these crazy apps, Facebook and Instagram?

So social media has been around a while and I expect that you have heard of it and maybe even experimented with it to generate new leads for you business? Well here is the thing, for Chiropractors, Facebook and Instagram can be one of the best things you can do to generate new leads!

… but you already knew that didn’t you!

That’s why we’ve rounding up some of the most effective Facebook and Instagram ads specifically designed for Chiropractors!

First things first… let’s look at targeting. We find that we get some of the best results by targeting the following groups:

Targeting ideas for chiropractors on Facebook

  • Stay-at-home mums
  • Parents with children aged younger
  • Higher or tertiary education
  • Income higher than $100k
  • Recently started a new job
  • Working women
  • People who were recently engaged
  • Military officers
  • Small business owners
  • Corporate executives
  • People who purchase health and wellness products
  • People who purchase pain relief products
  • Commuters
  • Soccer mums

You can use these targeting preferences separately or together. The key is to craft your message to the audience based on your targeting preferences. You can see an example below with something that is simple and clearly outlines all of the benefits that seeing a chiropractor could do for your health.

Check out the example below with an ad designed to target commuters

Experts On Call - Chiropractor Facebook Ad

2. Watch the news and trends and get in there as the expert in the field

We bet you’ve seen things on the news and thought to yourself “I know about this topic.” Well this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of free marketing for your service.

Fortunately you are able to use things like TV, Radio, or Google to easily find recent stories related to your field. Once you find some chiropractor news, reach out to the publisher and other publishers and offer advice in relation to the matter. This will more than likely not work the first time but if you are persistent and keep at it you could be in for a chance for an on-air interview.

Some places you can use to find relevant news articles and trends:

Now I know what you are thinking well that’s easy and I could have thought of this myself. Here is the tricky part where we teach you a trick that you wouldn’t have known about!

Download the following extension for Gmail (for free): https://www.streak.com/

Once you have this downloaded, you can start saving some of the publishers details into it that way when you see a story you can send out a personalised mail merge to all of the people you have saved. This means you could potentially email as many people as you like with personalised emails from your personal email (no marketing or unsubscribe links required).

3. Create content and not just regular content like generic blog posts… Stack on so much value people want to see your content by choice.

The trick to content is to produce more quality not quantity. When considering content you need to know and remember that content is all about engagement with your audience. To be the most effective business you need to be creating content that speaks and really helps your audience.

Don’t hold back thinking that you will make people come in, because we live in a time of technology and everyone knows that if they can’t find what they are looking for via your content they can always go somewhere else to find it. Give everything away and trust that people will trust you as the expert in the field. There is a reason that some people can be so giving and still get so far and it’s because they understand that to be perceived as an expert you need to behave like one.

Experts provide that expert advice regardless of what they get out of it and it’s that selfless giving that makes them so successful and established. Focus on giving as much as you can back to the community to get the most traction especially in this age of social media.

To help we have put together some really handy tips that will make your content perform better and get more engagement from your potential clients. Check out some simple tricks you can implement right now:

  • High quality images to spice up your content
  • Use titles that have things like numbers (similar to this one) aka “3 things you can do to improve your health and wellness before seeing a doctor”
  • Get a newsletter subscription form that feeds information through to your subscribers with email marketing
  • Have share buttons built into your content pages so that you can get more traffic
  • Include facts to verify you as an expert
  • Reference other people
  • Use insights from experts
  • Link to other valuable pieces of content from within each piece of content
  • Use visual ques to stress points in content (just like the one below)
    Visual Cue For Content Marketing

4. Email marketing isn’t dead and you definitely don’t want it to be

The saying that email marketing is dead is the biggest load of rubbish that we have ever seen!

… don’t believe the haters out there

Email marketing is more effective now than ever with some of the new tools in terms of automation if you can make them work with your system. Using marketing automation in conjunction with email marketing can decrease the amount of things that your team needs to do on a daily basis. There are literally thousands of things that you can do to stay in front of your potential customers and keep them coming back loving your service! To give you some ideas we have come up with a few things that we find really important when it comes to using marketing automation and email marketing:

  • Reminder of an appointment
  • Birthday greetings
  • Helpful information regarding your service AND industry
  • Scheduling follow up appointments
  • Sending out important news and information important to you
  • Letting your customer know about that piece of content that you just published and can’t wait for them to see!

But we’re not done yet… get ready for some amazing tools to help you really hone in on your email marketing strategies and go to the next level!

      • Have you ever hear about Litmus? This is some amazing software designed to show you exactly which tab in Gmail
        Litmus results
      • How about mail tester? This will test for the key things that you need to know about your emails and give you a very clear indicator of what is and isn’t going right for you at any given point.
        mail-tester results

5. Use video but have a little fun with it

Video has been one of the fastest growing areas for businesses and marketers to showcase their product or service. There has never been a better time to get out there and showcase your expertise and make people smile in the process. Have some fun with it and stand out from the crowd.

Use things like humor to really stress your points and make viral and shareable content. Check out the video below which takes a light view towards the industry and has gained a fair bit of traction in the space.

6. Understanding search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2019

Search engine optimisation has always been extremely difficult but there are some really easy (but time consuming) things that you can do to make significant changes to your positioning in the search engines.


If you haven’t already downloaded YOAST (assuming you’re running on a WordPress website) then you are missing out on some massive opportunities to improve your rankings in the search engines! Yoast is a free plugin that ensure that checks how your content is perceived by the search engines. You can use Yoast to ensure that you are not making key errors like some of the examples below are. Yoast will help you to ensure that you are:

      • Picking a keyword
      • Using the right metadata
      • Creating content that doesn’t abuse a keyword or under use it
      • Ensuring that your content is readable
      • … so much more that we are just not going to write about… just get it and don’t look back!

You can get yoast here: https://yoast.com/

Step 2. Schema Markup

If you are not already taking advantage of this than you are way behind the ball as this has been around for ages and is so simple to implement! Schema markup are those things like rich snippets that we’re sure you have seen around the place because they are so effective when it comes to capturing the attention of your potential patients. Take the example below which does not have the ratings markup on it.

No Schema Markup For Chiropractors

Now imagine that your listing in the organic search had a star rating letting everyone know how great your business was and captured the attention of people searching for your services. We have included an example below to show the difference between a listing with schema markup and one without it.

Schema Markup Chiropractors

You can see from the above the difference that schema markup can make to your listing in the search engine. Now we did say that we would share some of the secrets and as promised we will. Below we share with you the exact code that you can modify and use to have your listing look like this.

Schema Ratings Markup (Have your developer copy and paste below into you Google Tag Manager or Footer.php after adjusting the red)
<script type=”application/ld+json”>
“@context”: “http://schema.org”,
“@type”: “LocalBusiness”,
“name”: “[X]“,”address”: {
“@type”: “PostalAddress”,
“streetAddress”: “[X]“,
“addressLocality”: “[X]“,
“addressRegion”: “[X]“,
“postalCode”: “[X]“},
“telePhone”: “[X]“,
“openingHours”: “[X]“,
“geo”: {
“@type”: “GeoCoordinates”,
“latitude”: “[X]“,
“longitude”: “[X]
“url”: “[X]“,
“logo”: “[X]“,
“image”: “[X]“,
“aggregateRating”: {
“@type”: “AggregateRating”,
“ratingValue”: “[X]“,
“ratingCount”: “[X]

Still think you need help with your marketing? Download our 100% free chiropractor blueprint below!