5 Reasons Quinn Marketing Is The Marketing Agency For Better Results!

Quinn Marketing - The Sydney Marketing Agency For Results

1. We’re a full service marketing agency.

Whilst there are marketing agencies that will tell you that it is better to specialise within one or two areas of marketing, our marketing agency learnt early on that this was neither practical or possible with most of our clients. Sure we could just be an SEO company or social media company but how can we quickly test and implement changes to your organic search strategies if we can’t test quickly where your business performs and where it doesn’t using other marketing mediums.

As a full service marketing agency (learn what is a full-service marketing agency is here) we are able to ensure that you are getting the best results with your traditional and digital marketing strategies. We can cut, chop and change based on what is and isn’t working. This means your business will be performing regardless of the services that we offer, because we offer them all!

2. Our team uses the right person for the job not the ones we employ full time.

This is probably where we are able to get the best results when businesses come to us after being burned by other agencies. Most agencies use the people that they employ full time and whilst they may be good in lots of ways we understand that there are many disadvantages when doing this.

Imaging that you are running a dental company looking for marketing, do you really want the same UX, web developer or graphics designer that specialises in real estate marketing working on your web design or brand identity project?

Now unless you are willing to start spending hundreds of thousands and even millions using the largest agencies in the country you are going to be at a constant disadvantage. We make sure that we have experience and talent working on your marketing projects to drive results you can’t get anywhere else.

3. All of our marketing is based on core psychological principles not “fads or trends”.

How many times a week do you get a call from someone stating that you are not on Google or do you want a web design package? How often are these people asking you the core questions like is you brand identity positioned in the right way for the audience you want to target?

Our team works hard to ensure that we are not simply generating revenue for our marketing agency but that we are creating a sustainable and valuable for our clients.

4. “Integrated Marketing Communication” is something that we take very seriously!

We don’t just create a campaign and sit there praying that it will generate business for you. We create a map that give you a clear vision for what you should be expecting in terms of campaigns, launch dates, topics, and language.

Our team works to ensure that everything is integrated and working together. We strive to deliver campaigns that work together using the same core messaging and principles that your potential customers know and love.

5. 99% of the time we don’t even bother writing a contract, because our results speak volumes for our work!

Sure you’ve heard of marketing agencies that spend ages writing long proposals that are designed to lock you into some weird term where your business is or atleast feels trapped. We don’t waste our time with that, to be honest we’re busy delivering results for all of our clients and don’t have time. A simple no contract handshake is more than adequate for us to get started on growing your business. We know our results will have you paying us with all the money you start making!

So why pick our agency? If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is!

Quinn Marketing has been a fast growing business within the service sector for the past several years. Quinn Marketing has always taken pride in the fact that our team knows the service sector better than anyone.

Whilst Quinn Marketing may not be the agency for everyone they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The ability for Quinn Marketing to take on projects and consider multiple different areas of marketing is what truly sets them apart from the rest.

Quinn Marketing plans to be the number one marketing company for their ability to provide full service marketing packages to clients using specialised experts within their respective areas. Quinn Marketing is positioned to become the go to agency based in Sydney and offers almost all services including but not limited to:

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