10 Common Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

10 Common Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

10 Common Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you’re running a dental practice, then you are pretty much aware of how tight the competition is getting. Look around your neighborhood, and you will probably spot a dental practice every block or so.

In such a highly-competitive industry, you need to market your dental practice if you want to get a leg up on everyone. Fail to do so, and you probably won’t be able to attract new patients.

Sure, you can turn to traditional marketing to get the word out about your practice and get more people coming through your dental practice’s doors. While digital marketing has been dominating the field over the last few years, a dental practice placing an ad on TV, radio, or print media will still yield results.

But if you want a more cost-effective way of marketing your dental practice, you might want to consider doing dental marketing online. You can create a website, engage in dental SEO marketing, and establish a presence on social media, among other things.

What you should realize, however, is that practically all dental practices are promoting their business online. Search for the name of that dental practice a couple of blocks away from yours, and you’ll likely stumble onto its website or Facebook profile.

Then again, online dental marketing will always be a wide-open race. Everyone has a chance to succeed, and your chances of success will typically be better if you avoid making the dental marketing mistakes as indicated in the infographic below:

10 Common Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid